Livestock Equipment

Pics Name Description Price
T&S Trip Hopper - Range Cattle Feeder Trip Hopper Jr $1,500 750 lbs Feeder $2,950 1000 lbs Feeder $3,000 1500 lbs Feeder $3,100 2000 lbs Feeder $3,250 3000 lbs Trailer $5,650
Cattle Guard 2- Pitless Cattle Guards, $2500 each $2500
Diamond W Corrals New Diamond W Corrals, Portable Livestock Pens $12,875 The Cadillac of Portable Corrals! The Portable Corral is designed by Diamond W Corrals to save rancher time with double hinged construction. This construction allows the portable corral on wheels to be set up on various types of terrain providing both the strength and mobility needed for uneven ground. All the panels are 6ft high and lifted by cable winches. The 6ft long side levers are used to easily change the rear wheel assembly for mobility in setup and transport of the corral. Square & Round Pipe versions Lift panels via cable winches, everything else on hinges! Setup & take down in minutes! All panels behind the cage are made of 12 gauge round tubing. All gates are made of 14 gauge round tubing. Cage is a 6’ x 6’ square inside. Rear gate has a spring-loaded latch. 11L-15 8 ply implement tires and wheel are used to transport corral. All rear panels are on the double hinge system with all saddles made of ¼” x 3” flat iron. The factory demo weighs 5200 lbs. $12,875